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Our Tree Pruning Service is offered for Clonmel

We Will Come and Prune Your Trees

In order to keep them in good shape, avoid structural damage, and grow in the right way, we deliver competent cutting and pruning services for trees and bushes.

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For cost-effective tree pruning services in Clonmel, contact Tipp Top Trees. Schedule with us and we'll cut, trim back and prune the trees with our professional work force. Trees go through pruning for a number of reasons, tree pruning usually involves clipping off branches that are dead, compromised, diseased or decaying. Pruning of trees is at the same time effective in providing a plant a fresh lease of life and promoting fresh growth.


Tree pruning treatments should only be done by professional tree surgeons/arborists who have understood the industry and have knowledge of the genes of the tree. Two of the techniques we got to know are the various styles of Crown Forming, Espalier, and French Pollarding, that is accomplished by cutting yearly shoots back to their heads, which supplies a well-filled, tight-lined looks. Great tree pruning should constantly be underpinned by giving the tree the biggest chance to regenerate and repair from the resultant damage.

Topping or clipping a tree’s head is seldom recommended as the very first choice. Topping or heading a tree is one of the most unsafe types of tree pruning. It’s still considered a normal practice done by property owners. When cutting off a tree, it stresses a requirement within the tree for fast photosynthesis to produce more buds and leaves. A distressed, heavy injured tree from a topping procedure ends up being most likely to produce illness and bug invasion. The topping may either lead to a degeneration in development or where the wood tissue is subjected to the elements and results in wood rot.

We Have Years of Experience Pruning Trees

For keeping fruit trees healthy and bearing fruit for a number of seasons, routine upkeep and care is crucial. The cutting and pruning of dead and thick trees make it easier for the tree to contribute more energy in fruit growth rather than vertical or horizontal development.


We have a team of hard-working skilled people who will carry out their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Highly Skilled

We have some of the best gardeners and tree surgeons qualified to industry level standards.

Great Service

We pride ourselves on delivering a premium tree & garden service for our local customers in Clonmel.


As we are a local tree & garden service provider we can keep our rates much lower than our competition.

Our Tree Pruning Techniques

Periodic tree pruning improves the structural stability of a tree and lowers the danger of it breaking under tension from storms or high winds. Pruning of dead or decaying branches will also reduce the danger of branches dropping from a height onto roads or passerbys If you need a tree pruning service in Clonmel do not be reluctant to contact us. From big projects to little projects we cover all of it and since we are a local privately owned service it suggests we can keep our rates as competitive as possible. You can contact us through our service type.

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