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Clonmel Tree Surgery. Best Rates. Greatest Quality Finish

Our Company Are Professional Tree Surgeons in Clonmel

Our crew of skilled tree surgeons will come to your premises to examine the project, we will conduct out a comprehensive evaluation of the garden and the cost before any work is performed. We are the tried and tested experienced tree surgeons in Clonmel. There’s no task too big or too little that we can’t handle.

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Our team of proficient climbers and groundsmen make sure every job is performed to the highest requirements. We have the right tools and knowledge for all walks of tree surgery. Starting with pruning Japanese Maples to felling down the Majestic Oaks.

We are dedicated to providing great customer support and think that each and every task with a customer ought to be performed as if they were our own family.

Premium Tree Surgery Company


We have a team of hard-working skilled people who will carry out their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Highly Skilled

We have some of the best gardeners and tree surgeons qualified to industry level standards.

Great Service

We pride ourselves on delivering a premium tree & garden service for our local customers in Clonmel.


As we are a local tree & garden service provider we can keep our rates much lower than our competition.

We Have Experience In All Tree Surgery Procedures

These particular techniques enable us to prolong the lifespan of your trees and ensure they remain in ideal health and condition.

Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding is the extraction of dead or weakening branches. This service is performed to avoid weak branches from falling off during bad weather or to avoid illness like wood root or the attraction of insects.

Crown Lifting

The process of crown lifting requires increasing the clearance zone below a tree. Usually this is performed where pedestrians need access underneath. Crown lifting is in addition a technique for lowering the mass of a tree and permitting more sunlight underneath.

Crown Thinning

This strategy is used to lower the total thickness and density of the branches of the tree. Crown thinning decreases wind resistance and the capacity for damage from a storm. When performed by a certified professional, crown thinning decreases the weight of each main branch and keeps the tree safe and healthy.

Crown Reduction

The reduction of the exterior edges of the tree suggests that the total shape of the tree is decreased. If you want to help the tree grow as soon as possible, all cuts must preferably be made to a bud or main branch.

Stump Grinding

Normally, the last of tree surgery is stump grinding. Tree stumps are cut by tree surgeons in order to avoid root and fungal diseases. You will discover out more about our removal process here.

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Clonmel Tree Surgeons. We can guarantee the highest quality services in the area. We have actually always been amazed by trees and nature when we grew up in Clonmel. When we walked through the forest near our home, the flow of the trees in the wind and the horror resulting when a tree might be heard falling in the distance was something that remained with us all our life. We want trees and our objective is to keep educating individuals and increasing our tree services in Clonmel so we can save and protect our environment.